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The Canadian Vitality Pathway (CVP) is a non-partisan, non-government enterprise creating a ribbon of low carbon corridors for future trade and conveyance.


A framework to build market opportunities together

Now, more than ever before, Canadians in all regions expect to benefit from opportunities and trade that takes place in and around their communities, traditional territories and environments they love. A framework for infrastructure development is required that enables negotiation vs confrontation to meet broader social and societal needs. The CVP attracts affected parties to collaboratively engage and negotiate the locations and corridors for future linear Infrastructure. This starts with direct Indigenous participation in the prosperity, equity and planning, embracing decarbonization, establishing mutually beneficial open two-way trade and recognizing the importance and value of social licence.




Enabling lowest cost investments in decarbonization

We support these coalitions through to commercialization of the enabled opportunities

Let’s prepare now and enable accelerated decarbonization of our entire economy. Canada has big opportunities for low-cost decarbonization with extensive renewable and non-renewable (using CCUS) resources that can form building blocks of an integrated electricity and hydrogen energy network. The CVP is establishing the pathways to develop a pan-Canadian electrical and hydrogen backbone connecting high-value, low-cost renewable and low-carbon resources to domestic and export markets.


Reducing regulatory risks, costs and burdens for all parties

Interprovincial trade barriers continue to cost the Canadian economy between $50 and $130 billion every year. The CVP encourages the lowering of interprovincial/territory trade barriers and basis differentials, thereby lowering overall costs to the economy. Utilizing the same path for multiple infrastructure projects lowers adverse impacts and the cost of regulatory processes for all parties; Indigenous Nations, ENGOs, governments and industry.



Creating the opportunity to re-imagine transportation


We support these coalitions through to commercialization of the enabled opportunities

In addition to shaping renewables through our vast hydro resources, transporting hydrogen to key demand centres would enable the future decarbonization of heavy freight, ships, and airplanes. Designed with the future in focus, the CVP could also serve as a pathway for other transportation opportunities such as high-speed rail links between large population centres.


To create a ribbon of rights-of-way for transportation of lower-carbon energy, products, people and information, across Canada - leading to greater prosperity for all communities and regions.


To establish commercially viable and efficient trade pathways that meet the challenges of decarbonization, reconciliation, social license and national economic needs that will keep Canada globally competitive.


To provide a safe and trusted platform for multiple interest holders - governments of all levels, industry, Indigenous Nations, and other essential organizations - to collaborate and negotiate the infrastructure of tomorrow.

About Us


Defining the CVP

The Canadian Vitality Pathway a:

  • collaborative enterprise that is

  • "owned" by multiple stakeholders,

  • establishing long-term multimodal commercially viable infrastructure rights-of-way to

  • decarbonize Canadian industry and products rapidly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

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Iteration of the CVP model to establish solutions

The CVP has discussed and tested models for corridor development with 200+ experts and affected parties.  Each discussion revealed ways to refine and hone individual elements of the CVP approach. See our progression from early concept to today and our past articles, submissions and presentations.

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Pillars of CVP Approach

Translating learnings from discussions into productive dialogues and respectful negotiations 

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Dynamic Parts of the Path Forward

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Crucial to moving forward with corridor development is establishing a broadly collaborative enterprise which can spawn:

  • substantial trust,

  • open discussion and negotiation of interests,

  • curtailment of competitive self-interest in order to grow mutually valuable, opportunities.

While progress has been made, these are standout areas require substantially more focus, discussion, iteration and negotiation.

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